Dresser to TV Stand

Okay, I forgot to get an actual "before" picture, but I have the most important pieces PROGRESS pictures! 

These were taken while I was sanding

Then I moved the dresser inside since it was cold and primed and painted 

We actually popped the top off because it was a laminate and I wanted the top to be stained to match the shelf and of course I'm a horrible blogger so I didn't get a picture of that process but here is the after 

Storing Hair Accessories

I don't know about you, but it seems I'm always digging through my drawers looking for bobby pins and hair ties. Today I decided to tackle that problem with a quick inexpensive solution:
who knew the answer to my problems would be one of the tiniest tupperware containers I never thought I would use.  

Just toss in your bobby pins/small clips and wrap the rubber bands around the container and voilĂ , problem solved!

Woof Woof

With all of the puppies we have coming through the drive-thru at work we decided we needed a treat jar to replace the coffee can we had been using. 

I bought the jar for *I THINK* $5 at Hobby Lobby, the "I Ruff You" came in a pet scrap book pack I picked up a couple of years ago at Big Lots, and I used my Cricut and some brown vinyl for "Treats" and cut out circles for the paw print. 

This project was super easy and inexpensive & I noticed small wooden bones at Hobby Lobby, so I'm thinking of making another jar for my doggies and painting/customizing it with their names. Hope you enjoy! 

Coffee Table

Okay, so until I made this table I had NEVER used a tool in my life! Somehow I kept ending up at Ana White, and staring at the plans for this coffee table, so one morning I literally woke up and decided to build it. My sweet boyfriend said he would assist me so off to Lowe's we went, and this is how it ended. 

Actually, love isn't the word for it. I needed a little help getting some of the screws to go in but other than that, I did it myself and I think that is what help makes it so satisfying. Everything was super easy and the plan was super easy to follow. For the legs I used "Warm Buff" by Valspar and for the top I used "Early American" by minwax, then i used a sanding block on the edges of the legs and applied some of the stain there and wiped it off quickly. Next on my list, matching end tables.  

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I would just like to thank Allison at Green Tangerine Design for my new blog design. Hopefully this will get me motivated to post/interact with my blog more. 

Snowman Card

So I was browsing blogs and found a card I absolutely LOVED from The Paper Boutique. She did an awesome job of explaining everything and it gave me some great practice with my new gypsy!! Here is my take on it!


So I got my gypsy about a week ago and I LOVE it!!! In the next few days I'll be posting some of the Christmas cards I've been making with it!!!